Double the fun for Penry, Strohm; Colorado’s political babies keep arriving

Josh Penry holding his daughter Caroline, who has a twin sister, Sophie.
Kristin Strohm feeding Caroline.
Kristin Strohm feeding her daughter Caroline. The twins were born Dec. 9 and are still in the hospital.

The list of Colorado politicos turning out babies continues to grow, and Josh Penry and Kristin Strohm are over the moon with their twin girls.

Chase Penry, 13, holds the twins, Sophie and Caroline.
Chase Penry, 13, holds the twins, Sophie and Caroline.

Sophie Valentine and Caroline Quinn were born Dec. 9. Sophie weighed just over 5 pounds, Caroline just under 5 pounds.

Penry is the former Senate minority leader who works for the mega-connected EIS Solutions firm. Strohm is a partner in the Starboard Group, a rising GOP political consulting firm.

“Our doctor told Kristin she was the most beautiful pregnant women since Demi Moore,” Penry said.

However, there are no Vanity Fair style covers of Strohm (unless the Colorado Statesman is planning something I don’t know about.)

It’s been quite the year for babies.

Colorado Public Radio reporter Megan Verlee, daughter Evelyn and new baby Jacob.
Colorado Public Radio reporter Megan Verlee and her husband, Sean Post, have a daughter Evelyn, 2, and a new baby, Jacob.
Rep. Alec Garnett, his wife Emily and their son, Ashton born Nov. 2.
Rep. Alec Garnett, his wife Emily and their son, Ashton born Nov. 2.

State Rep. Alec Garnett’s first child arrived last month. Capitol reporter Megan Verlee’s son was born Saturday. And probably the next one to head to the delivery room is Shannon McNulty, a lobbyist, who is married to former House Speaker Frank McNulty.

Sophie and Caroline join Chase, 13, and Emme, 9, Penry’s children from a previous marriage.

“Because it is flu season and the girls are in NICU, Emme hasn’t been able to spend a lot of time with the twins,” Penry said.

Emme Penry and Sophie.
Emme Penry and Sophie.

“With all the videos and FaceTime calls we’ve been bouncing back and forth, Emme and I exhausted our data plan within about three days.”

He got a kick out of Chase correcting the nurses when they referred to the newborns as the “Strohm twins.”

Penry reported that the twins’ grandparents, John Strohm and Mary Pat Link and Dan and Linda Penry, are equally estatic.

Strohm’s business partner, Katie Behnke with the Starboard Group, also had her first baby this year, Zion Elijah Harris.

ZionBroncos (2)
Joel Harris, Katie Behnke and their son Zion at a Broncos game.

“Baby Zi” was born Aug. 4, sharing a birthday with none other than President Barack Obama.

When Strohm started having contractions last month, Behnke joked if the babies were born on Nov. 20, they would have the same birthdate at Vice President Joe Biden, which was only fair

Because Harris was a University of Colorado football standout — several teammates who went on to play in the NFL attended their wedding last year — Behnke was expecting a big baby.

But Zi surprised them, coming in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces.

When the legislative session opens Jan. 13, expect to see some new and tiny faces among lawmakers and lobbyist and others. “Forget purple state, Colorado has become pink state, blue state,” trumpted the headline over a blog in The Denver Post in May.

Among those celebrating births this year: Reps. Dan Pabon, Jon Keyser, Jonathan Singer and Dan Norberg; lobbyist Melissa Kuipers; Dustin Zvonek with Americans for Prosperity, political consultant Michael Fortney; and Shana Kohn, former executive director of the Colorado Republican Party. Check out their Facebook pages for tons of cute photographs.

“Yea, there was definitely something in the water this year,” said Nordberg, R-Colorado Springs, whose second daughter, Claire, was born in June.

And still others are expecting in the spring. More on those babies later!