U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s son Thatcher steals the show — again

U.S. Sen. Cory and his wife, Jaime, and their children Thatcher, 5, Caitlyn, 2, and Alyson, 13, at the San Luis Valley Lincoln Day Dinner in Alamosa Saturday night. (SOS)

Once again, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s son has upstaged him, this time at the San Luis Valley Lincoln Day Dinner in Alamosa Saturday night.

Two years ago, Thatcher Gardner stole the show from state Senate President Bill Cadman at the Colorado Republican Party’s Centennial Dinner in the metro area. Thatcher was 3 at the time when he kept mimicking Cadman; he’s now 5 as he was happy to remind his dad.

Thatcher Gardner proudly displays where his tooth used to be. (SOS)

Gardner, the featured speaker at the dinner, was telling the crowd about when his son had worked on a school project that asked for favorite color and such. Thatcher, who was seated at the head table, was intent on his computer game.

“I think he was 4 at the time,” Gardner said.

“I’m 5,” Thatcher said, without looking up.

It was the second time the boy addressed the dinner.

The first time was when Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams spoke, after being introduced by Alamosa County Commissioner  Darius Allen, who praised Williams. Allen said when Williams served on the El Paso County Board of Commissioners he looked out for small, rural counties and was the commissioners’ go-to-guy on transportation. Williams talked about elections — and transportation.

“I didn’t care what affiliation the road was when it had a pothole in it,” Williams said, resulting in a big “Ha!” from Thatcher that drew a laugh from the crowd.

State Sen. Larry Crowder of Alamosa, Secretary of State Wayne Williams and U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Alamosa Saturday night. (SOS)

“I think Thatcher laughs at your jokes more than mine,” the senator said told the secretary of state, when it was Gardner’s time to speak.

Gardner said Thatcher’s teacher helped him fill out that his favorite food was macaroni-and-cheese and his favorite color was yellow. Thatcher was then required to complete the sentence, “Now that I’m 4 I can … .”

“And Thatcher said, ‘Now that I’m 4 I can carry big rocks,'” Gardner said, causing his son to loudly say, “I’M 5!”

One of the protestors gathered outside the Lincoln Day Dinner in Alamosa Saturday. (SOS)

“That’s right,” Gardner said, laughing with the crowd. “Now that he’s 5 he can carry boulders!”

At one point, the pint-sized comedian got another laughed when he threw out a compliment as his father was speaking.

In addition to Williams and Gardner, other speakers at the Lincoln Day Dinner included Jeff Hays, who is running for state party chairman, Congressman Scott Tipton, state Sen. Larry Crowder and state Rep. Justin Everett.

Crowder introduced the veterans in the audience and said they fought to protect the rights of Americans, including those outside the dinner protesting. Some are upset at President Trump’s policies, others want Gardner and Tipton to hold more townhalls.

Allen referenced the protesters in his opening remarks.

“Right off the bat, I want to thank Cory,” he said. “All of our hotels are filled.”

FYI: This Saturday, I will be listening to U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet at the Democrats’ statewide dinner in Denver.