Wayne Williams’ rock-star reception

Secretary of State Wayne Williams talks with elections judges working the Colorado Springs municipal election. To his left is Marguerite Terze. (SOS photo)

No one wonder Secretary of State Wayne Williams wanted to say “hi” to the folks working the upcoming Colorado Springs municipal election.

When Williams walked through the door of the room where the election judges were handling ballots, cries of “Hey, Wayne,” “Wayne!” and “Look who’s here!” greeted the Colorado Springs resident Wednesday.

Williams served as the El Paso County clerk and recorder for one term before being elected secretary of state in 2014.

Many of the local residents who work as election judges in county and state elections also volunteer to work in municipal elections, which is why there were so many familiar faces.

Judge Rich Schwarz also complimented Williams on the ease and transparency of the Secretary of State’s website and filing system. Schwarz  works with the bingo operation for the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale; the secretary of state oversees bingo.

Sarah Johnson, the city clerk of Colorado Springs.

Williams dined with Colorado Springs City Clerk Sarah Johnson at noon Wednesday. She told Williams that Colorado Springs’ municipal voters would like to know when her office receives their ballots, and she wishes the state voter registration system had a mechanism to accomplish that goal.

After lunch, the pair stopped back at her office to check out election activities.

Colorado Springs is holding its municipal election April 4 and ballots already are rolling in. Six of nine City Council seats are up for election, and voters will decide three ballot measures.

At Thursday’s close, her office has received 35,825 ballots for a 14 percent turnout.

Johnson got a kick out of the reception Williams received. “The judges and everyone else,” she said, “were sure excited to see him.”