Bring on the “Hot Sauce” for another year of state league co-ed softball

It’s been another great year for the Colorado Secretary of State’s co-ed softball team, Hot S.O.S. Front row, left to right: player and manager Hilary Rudy, Tiffany Long and Terri Long. Middle row: Nick Severn with the Department of Personnel and Administration, Kim Taylor, Brad Lang, Caleb Thornton and Kelsey Klaus, with her son AJ in the carrier. Back row: Robb Madison, Kyle Dostart, Kris Reynolds and Alex Klaus, husband of Kelsey. (Photo by Meg Lang)

By Lizzie Stephani

The Colorado Secretary of State’s co-ed softball team didn’t win any league trophies this year, but took home something more important: a reputation for being nice and fun.

The team is named Hot S.O.S., which is pronounced “Hot Sauce.” Its goal is to have a good time, said Coach Hilary Rudy, the deputy elections director.

Hot S.O.S. participates in the state’s co-ed softball league, which has been around since the 1960s.

The 14 teams are comprised of employees across various state agencies, such as the Department of Education and the  Department of Natural Resources. In line with the league’s laid-back nature, each team came up with its own creative name. The Legislative Council’s team is Capitol Offense while History of Colorado is Relics.

It always fun to have some fun with Secretary of State Wayne Williams, including at a barbecue Saturday with the office’s softball league, Hot S.O.S. From left to right: Steve Ward in elections, A.J. Klaus, husband of Kelsey Klaus in elections; Williams and Kim Taylor in administration.

The league is organized by a commission of three people, Ted Abad, Johnie Abad, and CJ Jackson, and is broken down into two equal footing sub leagues, A and B, which meet on Mondays and Wednesdays respectively.

Hot S.O.S. placed 4th in the A league with a record of 4-6 and was knocked out of the season-end tournament. During the tournament, Hot S.O.S.  coordinated a barbecue on Saturday with the Department of Law’s team, Hit & Run.

“Sometimes you don’t even work with people outside of the league but it’s nice when you know people within the league and then interact with that agency,” Rudy said.


Lizzie Stephani is an intern in the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.