Can you say “elections conference room” in Russian?

The “ballot” that lists the options for the name of a new conference room in the Elections Division at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

UPDATE: The conference room has been named, and no, we did not use any of @NotScottGessler‘s ideas. The winning name is “Juniper.”

After 670 days, a room filled with junk at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office is finally becoming an official conference room for the elections division.

The division welcomed suggestions as to what the new conference room should be called, resulting in some pretty hilarious ideas — even if some of them are a little inside baseball. Dwight Shellman? Risk-limiting audits? And “Room Next to Steve’s Office,” referring to campaign finance guru Steve Bouey. The elections staff will conduct an election for the winner  — paper ballots allowed — which will be announced at the end of the month.

Elections staffers Caleb Thornton, Shayla Gavin-Futas and Olivia Mendoza testing out the new conference room. (SOS photo)

Among the suggestions:

конференц-зал выборов — which means Elections Conference Room in Russian

“Undisclosed Location”