Huerfano’s County election: the best kind of Cruz control

Huerfano County Clerk Nancy Cruz with one of her constant smiles as Bill Knowles, a reporter with the World Journal, and Huerfano County Commissioner Gerald Cisneros talk with Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams on Friday in Walsenburg. (SOS photo)

The line at the Huerfano County Clerk’s counter  never seemed to subside on Friday and Clerk Nancy Cruz said it’s not just because of Tuesday’s election.

Marriage licenses, recording documents, Motor Vehicle registrations, the growing population of Huerfano County has lots of business to do and Cruz’s staff make sure it gets done.

Of course, the election is the big thing right now and the staff and election judges were taking in ballots and scanning them on the new equipment from Dominion Voting Systems.

“What a good system,” Cruz said.

Myrna Falk used to work for the clerk’s office and now is an election judge. When asked her age, she replied, “I’m older than dirt.”

“I can remember when we hand counted ballots in the basement,” she said. “I’ve been through a lot of (election) systems, believe me. But being able to run 25 ballots at a time through (Dominion), that’s something.”

The flags attest to a windy day in Walsenburg on Friday as Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams visits with Huerfano County Clerk Nancy Cruz and County Commissioner Gerald Cisneros. (SOS photo)

One of two measures on Tuesday’s ballot is a sales tax increase for the district attorney’s office.

“It is no secret that the 3rd Judicial District has struggled to adequately fund public safety,” says language on the ballot supporting the measure.

“We will never get a handle on the insidious opioid epidemic and the crime it generates without a coordinated set of programs marrying both social services and law enforcement in a seamless assault on addiction,” the “pro” statement also reads.

Also, the city of Walsenburg is asking residents to impose a 5 percent tax on the sale and transfer of unprocessed retail marijuana.

Cruz worked for the clerk’s office for 23 years before being elected clerk in 2014, the same year Williams,  then the El Paso County clerk and recorder, was elected secretary of state.

Williams also visited Friday with clerks in Las Animas and Custer counties.