Dogs, desserts and primary ballots — unaffiliated voters, pick just one

A little girl, two Corgis, two delectable desserts and a stuffed donkey and elephant — no wonder a video from the Boulder County Clerk’s office reminding unaffiliated voters about the June 26 primary is so appealing.

The video, which helps promote the Colorado’s Secretary of State’s UChooseCo campaign, opens with the two dogs approaching Beatrix Alexander.

“You can only pet one,” says the narrator, Mircalla Wozniak, the spokeswoman for the Boulder County clerk’s office — and Beatrix’s mother.

Beatrix had to choose between the cupcake. And when it came to the elephant, the Republican, and the donkey, the Democrat, she could only pick one.

That message is a key part of UChooseCO, a campaign that Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams launched in March to help inform unaffiliated voters about their new rights and responsibilities when it comes to primary elections.

Kyle Alcorn and his wife Brittany Horrigan and their Corgis, Daisy and Oscar. The dogs recently appeared in a video highlighting the secretary of state’s UChooseCo campaign. (Special to the SOS)

By the way, the video was shot earlier this month on Beatrix’s 7th birthday. And the Corgis are the “beloved children” — in Wozniak’s words — of Kyle Alcorn, Boulder County’s assistant elections coordinator for voter services, and his wife, Brittany Horrigan.

Coloradans in 2016 passed Proposition 108, which lets unaffiliated voters automatically participate in primary elections. The campaign is aimed at letting unaffiliated voters know they can participate without affiliating with one party or another, and that they can go online to and pick whether they would rather receive the Republican ballot or the Democratic ballot.

As of Monday, 18,764 unaffiliated voters had requested a Democratic ballot, while 13,089 unaffiliated voters had requested a Republican ballot be mailed to them.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams writes the word “community” on an 8-foot inflatable U at an event in Grand Junction to launch the UChooseCo campaign aimed at educating unaffiliated voters.

If they don’t choose, that’s not a problem. Independent voters then will receive both the Republican and Democratic primary ballots but — and here’s the catch — they can only vote one. If they vote both, neither will count. In other words, don’t spoil it.

As part of the campaign, individual 8-foot inflatable U’s are appearing in the metro area, the Colorado Springs area and on the Western Slope.

The inflatable U in Denver will be in front of the DaVita Center, 2000 16 St., from noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday. The public is invited to come by.