All about U: Chaffee County Clerk Lori Mitchell and Steffan Tubbs

Colorado’s county clerks, bold-faced names, lawmakers and others are delighting us here at the Secretary of State’s office with the creative ways they are decorating wooden U’s.

Secretary of State Wayne Williams is handing out the U’s as part of the UChooseCO campaign, which stresses to unaffiliated voters that they can’t vote both the Democratic and Republican ballots they will receive. They have to pick just one ballot. If they vote two, neither will count.

Every day between now and the June 26 primary we will highlight a U or two. Recipients were asked to consider their values when decorating or to just have fun. Some clerks highlighted their counties.

Chaffee County Clerk Lori Mitchell said the U represents all dozen 14’ers in the county; there are 58 statewide.
Radio host Steffan Tubbs’ U reflects his work with veterans.