All about U — That’s some bull!

Sen. Kerry Donovan, who manages her family’s ranch outside Edwards, used one of her cows as a model for her wooden U.

When Sen. Kerry Donovan said she wanted to decorate one of the Secretary of State office’s wooden U to look like a cow, she wasn’t kidding. The photo of her finished U in front of the real thing is a rib tickler.

The Vail Democrat covered the wood with hair from the bull she modeled her U after. She added nails for the horns, washers for the eyes and locking nuts for the nostrils.

“I laughed the whole time I was making it,” she said.

Sen. Kerry Donovan, D-Vail. (Donovan campaign)

Choosing a bovine motif was a natural Donovan, who runs her family ranch near Edwards. According to her bio, the Donovans have owned Copper Bar Ranch since the early 1980s, although the land’s history extends back to the Homestead Act.

Colorado Secretary of State Williams is handing out the U’s as part of the office’s UChooseCO campaign, which stresses to unaffiliated voters that they will receive both the Democratic and Republican ballots in the mail for the June 26 primary but they have to pick just one ballot. If they vote two, neither will count.

The UChooseCO campaign has a web pageFacebook page, a Twitter account and its own hashtag, #UChooseCO. At least every week day between now and the June 26 primary the Secretary of State’s office will highlight a wooden U or two. Check out more decorated U’s on Facebook and Twitter.