All about U: Denver Chamber

Kelly Brough with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce speaks at a kickoff for the UChooseCO campaign targeted at unaffiliated voters at a news conference in Denver in April. Two decorated wooden U’s sit on the podium. (SOS photo)

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce was a big supporter of a 2016 ballot measure to allow unaffiliated voters to automatically participate in primary elections so of course chamber president and CEO Kelly Brough was invited to speak this year at a kickoff to talk about what those voters needed to know.

Mainly, don’t spoil it.

Unaffiliated voters who did not indicate a ballot preference — whether they wanted a Republican ballot or a Democratic ballot — will automatically be sent both when clerks mail out ballots this week to in-state voters. If a voter marks up both ballots, for example, a Republican candidate for treasurer and a Democratic candidate for attorney general, neither ballot will count. Only vote one ballot.

The U decorated by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams launched the @UChooseCO campaign to educate unaffiliated voters. The campaign has a web pageFacebook page, a Twitter account and its own hashtag, #UChooseCO.

“By allowing unaffiliated voters to vote, we believe our elected officials will be rewarded for solving problems and finding solutions,” Brough said at the Denver kickoff.

“… This is all about being fair and in Colorado we like things to be fair.”

Williams also has handed out wooden U’s and asked recipients to decorate them.

At least every week day between now and the June 26 primary the Secretary of State’s office will highlight a wooden U or two. Check out more decorated U’s on Facebook and Twitter.