Secretary Williams makes his way to Weld County

Secretary of State Wayne Williams and Weld County Clerk and Recorder Carly Koppes in Greeley Monday. (SOS photo)

Weld County Clerk Carly Koppes was excited to show Secretary Williams the county’s new elections office ballots processing center, which is in an old bank building, complete with a vault where the ballots will be stored.

Koppes says she is welcoming name suggestions for the processing center since “elections office ballots processing center” is a mouthful. Her favorite suggestion so far is the “Koppes Center.”

She thanked Williams for his visit to Greeley and praised the SOS staff.

“You guys are rock stars,” she told him. “You do a good job supporting us.”

This year is the first time Colorado will conduct a primary election where unaffiliated voters can automatically participate.

The door to the vault where Weld County’s ballots will be stored. (Weld County clerk photo)

Williams launched the UChoose campaign earlier this year to inform unaffiliated voters about the primary and emphasize that they can’t vote both the Democratic and Republican ballots they will receive. They have to pick just one or neither ballot will count.

The campaign also handed out wooden U’s to decorate. Weld county’s U is decked out in images of the county, which is located on the Wyoming border and is known for its agriculture.  There are also images of Uncle Sam encouraging “U” to vote.

Koppes says that they have received a few questions on why unaffiliated voters received two ballots. Republicans are the largest voting block of active voters in Weld County with 61,880 voters, but the unaffiliated are close behind with 61,669 voters. Democrats trail with 37,164 active voters, according to the latest registration data from the SOS.

“We are keeping track of the questions we receive,” she said. “That way we will be ready for 2020. You know, us elections geeks, always thinking ahead.”