All about U — Eagle County’s work of art

Eagle County Clerk Regina O’Brien, her staffer Kelly Mundhenke and Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams. Mundhenke, who used to be a graphic artist, decorated the county’s wooden U distributed as part of the UChooseCo campaign. (SOS photo)
One side of Eagle County’s wooden U.
The other side of Eagle County’s wooden U.

The pictures don’t begin to do Eagle County’s wooden U justice, but then consider the source.

The U was decorated by Kelly Mundhenke, who works in the Motor Vehicle division for Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Regina O’Brien. Mundhenke has Bachelor of Art degrees in graphic design and fine art and worked as a graphic designer for years.

“Our elections manager, Stacey Jones, told me to ‘Have fun and draw what I loved about Colorado’ so I immediately thought of our state flower and camping in our beautiful mountains,” Mundhenke said.

Secretary of State Wayne Williams is handing out the wooden U’s as part of the UChooseCO campaign to educate unaffiliated voters that they can participate in the June 26 primary election, but they can only vote one ballot. He got a first-hand look at Eagle County’s U when he visited O’Brien, whose office received a recording grant.

O’Brien loves her U, which she displays in her office.

“You should see what Kelly does at Halloween,” she said.

The UChooseCO campaign has a web pageFacebook page, a Twitter account and its own hashtag, #UChooseCO.

At least every week day between now and the June 26 primary the Secretary of State’s office will highlight a wooden U or two. Check out more decorated U’s on Facebook and Twitter.