An abundance of appreciation for the Colorado Secretary of State staff

SOS staff enjoying the perks of employee appreciation week. (SOS photo)

It’s hard work to run an office as seamless as the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. Once a year, the Human Resources Department holds employee appreciation week to show thanks to staffers for all their efforts throughout the year.

Each day this week, activities were offered such as daily walks, trivia questions, food and more:

Monday: The week kicked off with “Statey” award ballots, where the staff nominates their colleagues for various awards, and try to solve puzzles about the office and employees.

Bagels and coffee were served for breakfast on Tuesday. (SOS photo)

Trivia question of the day — Who won the coveted “Sunshine Award” in last year’s Statey Awards? Carla Moore, in the Finance Department and she’s been beaming even brighter ever since.

Tuesday: Employees were treated to bagels, cream cheese, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Trivia question of the day — Which month contains the most days that our office is closed (not including weekends)? November.

Wednesday: Office Olympics were held in the afternoon. Variations of the true games were held with events such as archery, hockey, basketball and rugby. A smoothie-and-coffee bar was available so staff could enjoy a midday pick me up.

In teams of three, competitors partook in office Olympics on Wednesday. (SOS photo)

Trivia question of the day — Which CDOS employee has the most years of state service, and how many years? Alberta Bennet, supervisor, business and licensing, with 32 years of service.

That prompted this tongue-in-cheek notice to the staff: “Alberta has seen a lot of changes around here. Back when she started, the microfilm readers were steam-powered and the business registrations were hand-written on parchment with quill pens.”

Thursday:  Staffers enjoyed sandwiches, chips, fruit, cookie, and each others’ company, of course, during lack. Jackets featuring the Secretary of State’s offices’ new logo were given to all employees, just in time for cold months ahead.

The new office logo.

Trivia question of the day — Which of our four divisions does not have anyone by the name of Chris or Kris? Information technology

The other Chris/Kris’ are:

  • Chris Johnson – Administration
  • Chris Cash – Business/Licensing
  • Chris Baz – Business/Licensing
  • Kris Reynolds – Campaign Finance
Ham, turkey, roast beef, and veggie sandwiches were on the menu for Thursday’s lunch. (SOS photo)

Friday: Winners of the Statey Awards were announced.

Winners are:

Best in a leading role – Rich Schliep, chief information security officer.

Best director – Kathryn Mikeworth, director of human resources.

Best in a supporting role (four-way tie) – Susan Floreth and Michelle Ehgotz, both in business and licensing, Kris Reynolds in campaign finance and Dana Williams in IT.

Best producer – Nathan Lee in IT.

Sunshine award (two-way tie) – Carla Moore in finance and Amberdawn Scott in business and licensing.

Trivia question of the day — If our logo was a three-dimensional object, how many individual (1×1) cubes would it contain? The correct answer is 27. Twenty-seven is a perfect cube, being 33 = 3 × 3 × 3. That’s what it says on Wikipedia, anyway.

“Employee appreciation week is a small thank-you for the hard work and effort that our employees give every single day,” human resources director Kathryn Mikeworth said.

Until next year!

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