Guests from around the world stop at Colorado SOS


Secretary of State Wayne Williams talks Colorado elections to government officials and their guests from India. (SOS photo)

Visitors from Hungary and India visited Secretary of State Wayne Williams today to learn more about how Colorado elections are run.

With the midterm election Tuesday, the international guests were eager to ask questions about the process. Among the Hungarians were members of FIDESZ party,  the ruling party in Hungary for the last eight years, parliament members, and communications directors for various offices of the Hungarian government.

Secretary Williams with Hungarians visiting the United States to observe the 2018 general election. (SOS photo)

“Mail ballots are strange to us, we don’t have that in Hungary,” one guest  said.

Williams said mail ballots make voting more accessible.

Another question: “Would online voting make young people vote more?”

Williams said he doesn’t trust the security of it yet, but he did explain how some military and overseas voters are able to vote online, through an encrypted system.

“Some people don’t believe someone who works on a submarine should be allowed to vote,” he said. “We do.”

Later in the day, members of the Indian parliament and some of their staff members stopped by for similar reasons, to learn about Colorado elections.

Secretary Williams, Gary Zimmerman, SOS chief of staff, Judd Choate, Colorado elections director, with guests from India as a part of a WorldDenver program. (SOS photo)

“If they sign their ballot, how does their vote stay anonymous?” a visitor asked.

“They don’t sign their ballot, they sign the envelope,” Williams answered.

He further explained that each signature goes through a verification process by an election judge. Once that is complete, the judge opens the envelope and hands off the ballot  to another person to be counted, so that autonomy is maintained throughout the whole process.

The Indians guests are here as part of a program through WorldDenver, “a non-profit community organization dedicated to understanding world affairs and cultures,” according to their website.