Madison Lee’s Merry Christmas to Secretary Wayne Williams

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams displays the gift and cards he received from Madison Lee and her family. He met them last year when he announced that Madison was Colorado’s Doodle 4 Google contest winner. (SOS photo)

One of Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams’ fondest moments of 2017 was announcing that fourth-grader Madison Lee of Aurora had been named Colorado’s Doodle 4 Google winner, so you can imagine his delight in opening a package from the Lee family.

“Merry Christmas Mr. Williams!” Madison wrote in her homemade card. “Thank you for the work that you do … I’m a fifth grader now, but I’m still not enjoying music or math.”

Then fourth-grader Madison Lee, after Secretary of State Wayne Williams in February 2017 announced that she was the Colorado winner of the Doodle 4 Google competition. (Google)

What Madison loves is art, and that’s how she ended up in her auditorium at Black Forest Hills Elementary last year surrounded by classmates wearing Google T-shirts.

They had no idea that Williams was about to announce that Madison’s drawing had been chosen as the Colorado winner for Google’s annual K-12 nationwide artwork contest for She also didn’t know that her mother, Jungeun Lee, and her father, Kyungjoon Lee, were standing the back of the gymnasium.

In addition to Madison, the Lee family sent a Christmas card to the secretary, thanking him for making the announcement at the school assembly. “It was an amazing, phenomenal moment for us and we appreciate your time,” the Lee family wrote.

“This is just incredible,” Williams said, as he read their cards and unwrapped a box of Lindt truffles. “I had the honor of recognizing Madison as the winner almost a year ago, in late February, and to get notes from the family about what it meant to them — and still means to them — is so touching.”