Honoring Douglas County’s Sheri Davis

Judd Choate, elections director at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, Sheri Davis with the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, and Secretary of State Wayne Williams. Davis, who used to see oversee elections, was recognized by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday for 20 years of service. (SOS photo)

Sheri Davis celebrated 20 years of service as a Douglas County clerk and recorder employee in a ceremony Tuesday that attracted a ring of admirers, including Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams.

During her tenure, Davis worked in recording, then elections and now is overseeing Motor Vehicles.

Williams told the Douglas County Board of Commissioners that when he served as the El Paso County clerk and recorder his office often turned to Davis, the elections manager, “to find out what made sense, what looked like it was going to work.” That partnership continued when he became secretary of state in 2015.

Sheri Davis, who has worked for Douglas county government for 20 years, and her current boss, Douglas County Clerk and Recorder Merlin Klotz. (SOS photo)

“Thank you Sheri for all of your work. Thank you for making it so that I never had to worry, so that I could just call and say ‘Hey, had a question about this,’ and to know that when you said, ‘Yes, things are going fine,’ that that meant they absolutely were,” Williams said. “I appreciate your great work.”

Douglas County commissioners recognize employees’ years of service in five-year increments. It was Davis’ first time to appear before the board during her recognition.

“Wow, my head just really grew,” Davis told those gathered at the Douglas County board room. “I have a passion for serving the citizens of Douglas County and I hope to be able to continue to do that for a few more years. I do appreciate all the support I’ve received over the years.”

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