Secretary Williams visits Baca County

Secretary Wayne Williams stand with Baca County officials in front of the county flag at the courthouse in Springfield. In the back row, left to right, are Baca County Commissioner Rick Butler, Secretary Williams and Baca County Commissioner Glen R. “Spike” Ausums. County Clerk Sharon Dubois and County Treasurer Susan Cochell are in the front. (SOS photo)

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams this week visited yet another county, checking in with Baca County Clerk Sharon Dubois on the very southern and eastern edge of the state.

They discussed efforts for the Nov. 6 general election, including 24/7 ballot drop boxes and Dominion elections equipment. During the visit Monday, Dubois said the office had already gotten back one military and overseas ballot. The deadline for sending them out was two days prior, on Sept. 22.

Williams toured the courthouse in Springfield and spent time with Baca County Commissioners Glen R. “Spike” Ausmus and Rick Butler.  Ausums and Williams are old friends, having served as county commissioners together for Baca and El Paso counties respectively a number of years ago. They discussed the how to best serve the people of Colorado.

“Most voters want services, they don’t care about what party you’re in, but do you do your job? They care about how long they wait, are the potholes patched? Is it an easy process to vote?” Williams said.

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Wayne Williams hits the road again

Secretary of State Wayne Williams stands at the top of Molas Pass, 10,910 feet, in the San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado this week, where he was visiting county clerks.  (SOS photo)

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams visited three southwestern counties this week to check in with clerks prior to this year’s midterm elections to see if they needed any help from his office.

Williams thanked the clerks for heading to the Denver metro area earlier this month to attend a training exercise called EPIC — Election Preparedness for Infrastructure and Cybersecurity. National and state cybersecurity officials attended the event, where clerks and county officials handled various Election Day scenarios thrown at them.

Ben Schler, the Secretary of State’s legal and policy manager, accompanied Williams on the trip. Schler, who grew up on a farm just outside of Durango, said he was happy to see the fall colors and to “make sure that we provide the clerks with the support they need.”

This week’s deadline for the clerks: Military and overseas ballots must go out by Saturday.

The secretary and Schler met with clerks in San Juan, San Miguel and Alamosa counties.

“I made a commitment when I  first ran for this office to visit every county every two years. So far, we have hit 61 counties in this cycle,” Williams said. “Colorado is incredibly beautiful, especially this time of the year with the leaves turning.”

Here’s a look at each visit:

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