Will Colorado swing blue? Ask the media.

Moderator Dick Wadhams asked questions of three journalists — Chuck Plunkett, Shaun Boyd and Joey Bunch — during a discussion on the role of media in politics at a forum in Lakewood last Thursday sponsored by the Foothills Republicans. (Rick Entrom/Foothills Republicans)

Three journalists discussed Colorado’s status as a red/blue/purple state, the condition of their industry and how it impacts political coverage, and the upcoming election during a forum hosted by the Foothills Republicans.

Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Faye Griffin and her communications director Beth Clippenger at the Foothills Republicans lunch March 8. (SOS photo)

Chuck Plunkett, the editorial page editor of The Denver Post, CBS Denver’s Shaun Boyd and Joey Bunch with the Colorado Springs Gazette’s Colorado Politics fielded questions last Thursday from the audience and the moderator, former GOP chairman Dick Wadhams.

Before the start of the forum, Foothills President Rick Enstrom invited elected officials and candidates to introduce themselves, but it was Wadhams who got the biggest applause, when adding his 2 cents during a question about money in politics.

“Do away with every stupid finance law that exists,” he said. “Allow any amount of money from any entity at any time but with full and immediate disclosure and let the people decide if (the candidates) are bought off or not.”

Bunch got the biggest laughs with his homespun colloquialisms, including. “You know when a fact becomes a fact? When it gets a lobbyist.”

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Wayne Williams: ‘The people who won the election, won the election’

Secretary of State Wayne Williams on Tuesday addressed the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC and Leadership Pikes Peak. (SOS photo)

By Lynn Bartels
and Julia Sunny

Secretary of State Wayne Williams preached to the choir on Tuesday, telling his fellow Colorado Springs brethren that Colorado’s transportation woes aren’t good for the economy.

“My wife’s from Utah so I get to go over to Utah frequently and I drive this 10-lane interstate that exists between their equivalent of Colorado Springs, which is Provo, and Salt Lake, which is their equivalent of Denver,” he said. “We have four (lanes). They have 10. We have almost twice as many people. See if that math makes sense to you. It doesn’t to me. ”

He knows first hand: He still lives in Colorado Springs and has to make that “really crappy drive” on Interstate 25 to his office in Denver.

Lobbyist Joan Green and Rep. Paul Lundeen, R-Monument.

Williams said once when he was flying out of Salt Lake City he asked some skiers at the airport, “Why Utah?” Their answer: They can get to the slopes faster than flying into Denver.

“That’s something we have to address as a state for our continued economic viability,” he said.

Williams, a former El Paso County commissioner and clerk, addressed the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC and Leadership Pike Peaks at a lunch at History Colorado before group members headed to the state Capitol for their 2017 Day at the Capitol.

The secretary of state spoke on familiar topics, including election integrity.

“Here in Colorado,” he said, “I can assuredly tell you that the people who won the election, won the election.”

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That’s Wayne Williams all right but …

UPDATE: This blog made the Colorado Springs Gazette’s new endeavor, “Colorado Politics.”

A spoof video of Melania Trump, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, features footage of Colorado Republican Wayne Williams clapping away.

A Melania lookalike stands next to a sign that reads “Trump, Make America Great Again” as the model from Slovenia says hello, supposedly to a crowd in Arkansas. The video from “Funny or Die” debuted earlier this year but Williams only found out about it today. It was forwarded to Williams, the former El Paso County clerk and recorder and current secretary of state, from Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Joey Bunch.

“It’s not that funny,” Williams said, after he viewed the spoof.

Oh, and another thing. As William is clapping, people in the crowd are waving Romney signs. As in Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee for president.

R.I.P. Lewis — you were loved at the Colorado Capitol and at home

Sen. Kerry Donovan, D-Vail, and her beloved dog, Lewis, who died last week. (Donovan picture)
Sen. Kerry Donovan, D-Vail, and her beloved dog, Lewis, who died last week. (Donovan picture)

It’s hard to imagine the 2016 legislative session without Lewis, the beloved dog who loved to race down the hall and into the press room to see if someone was there to give him treats.

He ran so fast he would skid on the marble floor when trying to make the turn.

“The dog is going to make somebody fall,” I was admonished over and over again by the Senate sergeants.

Yet, I continued to buy bags of dog treats for the little guy, who won over my heart  on the campaign trail in 2014 when I met him at the Gunnison County Democratic picnic.

Lewis died last week of an enlarged heart. He died on his 8th birthday.

Donovan on Sunday sent a letter to her “Capitol friends” informing them of Lewis’ death. Condolences poured in.

“I am so sad to hear of little Lewis’ passing,” lobbyist Benjamin Waters wrote on his Facebook page. “Sen. Kerry Donovan from Vail kept this wonderful little pup in her office and whenever the days became contentious and long during the 2015 legislative session, this little guy made everyone feel better. RIP Lewis.”

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