Got milk? Secretary Williams tours Fort Morgan dairy

Dairy farmer Chris Kraft spotted something unusual with a cow about to give birth so he tried to get his hand in to “rearrange” the calf, as he described it. That didn’t work so the cow was brought inside the maternity barn to get some help. Secretary of State Wayne Williams and state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg were with Kraft.  (SOS photo)

FORT MORGAN – When you’re a dairy farmer who sells milk to a cheese producer, it’s only natural that your last name evokes the question:

Kraft, as in Kraft Cheese?

No, Chris Kraft responded, he’s not from that Kraft family. He’s from the Kraft family that grew up in South Africa, where his father was a minister and Desmond Tutu was a dinner guest before Tutu became an international figure.

State Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, Secretary of State Wayne Williams and dairy farmer Chris Kraft stand outside the cooling tanks at the Kraft dairy.  The milk must be chilled at less than 40 degrees. (SOS photo)

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams toured Kraft dairy with state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, on Aug. 16.

How appropriate that this blog appears on Labor Day weekend because even with the latest in milking equipment, a dairy farm is a labor-intensive operation.

“I could not get over the size of the operation, and how well it is run,” Secretary Williams said. “This is an exceptional Colorado business and the awards on their walls are proof of that.”

Among those awards: Morgan County’s Large Business of the Year in 2007. The Krafts employ 85 people.

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