Voters did come home for Donald Trump

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.
Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

I sat down at the bar at Maggiano’s the other day, opened up the Oct. 25th edition of The Denver Post and read how Democrat Hillary Clinton had all but won the presidential race.

By that time, Nov. 8 had already passed and Republican Donald Trump had shocked plenty of people in his own party as well as Democrats when he coasted to victory.

Some background is necessary: If I don’t get around to reading the newspaper, I throw it in my trunk and then grab one if I am at some event and know I’m early. Such was the case recently when I randomly grabbed a Post from the car.

One story was about how vice presidential candidate Mike Pence was imploring fellow Republicans “still wary of Donald Trump ‘it’s time to come home.” The article said, “Pence is promoting the idea that he and Trump can still win a race that some pundits say is becoming a foregone conclusion.”

Another article said that young white voters are “shifting toward” Clinton in the closing stretch of the presidential race.

And then there was the story about how the Trump team was publicly and privately saying crucial Pennsylvania may be slipping away to Clinton, although Trump blasted “phony” polls and said, “I believe we’re actually winning.”  BTW, Trump carried Pennsylvania, with 48.2 percent compared to Clinton’s 47.5 percent.

I don’t know what my reaction had been if I had actually read these stories on Oct. 25 — none were written by Post staffers, but were from wire outlets — but reading them after the election was like having a cup of cold water thrown in my face. Talk about getting it all wrong.