Snap judgment all wrong: He’s no leftie

Steve Barlock has been called many things in his life but he has never been labeled left wing — until now.

The 44-year-old Denver resident was part of a large crowd that gathered at the Colorado Capitol Monday amid widespread speculation that some of the nine Democratic electors would try to revolt. Instead of voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton as required because she won Colorado, they wanted to throw their vote so that someone besides Donald Trump would win the presidency.

As a former reporter, I worked out of the Capitol off and on since 2000 and I was stunned at the size of the crowd in the rotunda. I posted a picture it on Twitter, saying, “This is an unbelievable scene. At the Capitol waiting for the elector vote.”

“Angry Left Wing Extremists,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Except that Barlock, the guy with the flag scarf in the picture, is no leftie. Barlock served as co-chairman of Denver County’s Donald Trump campaign and he also was a Republican elector — meaning if Trump had won Colorado instead of Clinton, Barlock would have been a participant instead of a spectator Monday.

He appeared in numerous TV shots of the event.

As it turned out, only one elector refused to vote for Clinton and he was replaced by a Democrat waiting in the wings.

“I was hoping with this crazy stuff that they’d run out of people and I’d say, ‘I’m willing to vote for Hillary Clinton,’ because I wanted to make sure Donald Trump became president,” Barlock said.

He took grief from some people in the mostly pro-Clinton, anti-Trump crowd because the part of the scarf behind his neck said “Trump.” Two people called him “bigot.” He said he wasn’t fazed because “I was happy to watch the shock and awe as the crowd realized nothing was going to happen.”

The other Republican electors not called up for duty were: GOP chairman Steve House; former U.S. Senate candidate Pete Coors; former U.S. Senate candidate Robert Blaha, who was a Colorado co-chair for Trump; Jim O’Dell of Brighton; Laurel Imer of Wheat Ridge; Charlie McNeil of Greenwood Village; Bill Cagle of Greenwood Village; and Eileen Milzcik of Littleton.