All about Logan’s County Traveling U

A wooden U decorated by Logan County Clerk Pam Bacon and her staff has traveled throughout the county, including the town of Crook.

Logan County Clerk Pam Bacon didn’t just have her staff decorate her wooden U — she took it around the rural county and documented her trip.

Logan County Clerk Pam Bacon outside the iconic courthouse in Sterling with her U.

She placed the U on railroad tracks between Iliff and Crook, with cows in the background between Crook and Flaming and on a hay bale off Highway 113 going to Peetz. The pictures appeared on the clerk’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

“I have pictures from Sterling, Peetz, Padroni, Iliff, Crook, Fleming, Merino, Atwood and everywhere in between to post pictures of the Logan County Traveling U,” she said. “We tried to think of fun pictures that represent our county to grab peoples’ interest when I post them.”

Secretary of State Wayne Williams is handing out the U’s as part of the UChooseCO campaign, which stresses to unaffiliated voters that they will receive both the Democratic and Republican ballots for the June 26 primary, but they have to pick just one ballot. If they vote two, neither will count.

At least every weekday between now and the primary the Secretary of State’s office will highlight a U or two. Recipients were asked to consider their values when decorating or to just have fun. Some clerks — such as Bacon, Chaffee County Clerk Lori Mitchell and Weld County Clerk Carly Koppes —  highlighted their counties.

Check out more decorated U’s on Facebook and Twitter.

Logan County’s wooden U atop a hay bale off Colorado 113 going to Peetz.

Dogs, desserts and primary ballots — unaffiliated voters, pick just one

A little girl, two Corgis, two delectable desserts and a stuffed donkey and elephant — no wonder a video from the Boulder County Clerk’s office reminding unaffiliated voters about the June 26 primary is so appealing.

The video, which helps promote the Colorado’s Secretary of State’s UChooseCo campaign, opens with the two dogs approaching Beatrix Alexander.

“You can only pet one,” says the narrator, Mircalla Wozniak, the spokeswoman for the Boulder County clerk’s office — and Beatrix’s mother.

Beatrix had to choose between the cupcake. And when it came to the elephant, the Republican, and the donkey, the Democrat, she could only pick one.

That message is a key part of UChooseCO, a campaign that Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams launched in March to help inform unaffiliated voters about their new rights and responsibilities when it comes to primary elections.

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